Faster from Karlsruhe to Basel

Progress is being made in the upgrade of the DB railway line

On Monday, 16 October 2023, at 6 a.m., route 4405 was able to be opened again for rail transport after several days of track closure. During the track closure, the entire superstructure of the old bridge had to be demolished, the steel construction of an intermediate pier had to be built, and an auxiliary bridge with 21.05 m and 25.85 m spans had to be lifted in.


Over the coming years, the abutments of the new Fasanenstrasse flyover will be constructed underneath the auxiliary bridge. The new superstructure will be constructed on an auxiliary structure located next to the auxiliary bridge and will be moved to its final position after its completion.  


Due to its constrained inner-city location and challenging interactions with the old construction, extensive coordination with all project participants and in-depth structural analysis of the old structure were necessary both during the early planning phases and during the current management of the construction site.


For the auxiliary bridge, we provided services for construction phases 3–6, in the areas of planning and structural design. We are also heavily involved in the design of the entire construction phase 9.3 of the upgrade and new construction of the Karlsruhe–Basel train line. The main part of this construction phase is the 155 m prestressed concrete railway flyover.


Copyright photos: avisec PRpetuum GmbH/Deutsche Bahn

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