32nd Dresden Bridge Building Symposium

Jacqueline Donner and Hans Grassl held the closing lecture at this year’s Dresden Bridge Building Symposium. This final lecture concluded the symposium with insights into the construction of the Mangfall Bridge in Rosenheim, a cable-stayed bridge built in marine clay soil.

Besides the fantastic presentations, a particular highlight of the event were the personal interactions. GRASSL employees from various offices were able to exchange views with other participants and to start the symposium with a fantastic award ceremony on the first evening.

At the following symposium “Experimental studies of building constructions” at TU Dresden, Maria Schartner held a presentation about the structural health monitoring (SHM) of the Theodor Heuss Bridge intended to obtain a measurement-bases service life estimate. She also spoke about how long the oldest German stayed-cable bridge will be able to be maintained.

A big thank you to the organising team for preparing and executing these events to perfection each year!

Further information about the Mangfall Bridge project can be found here.

Further information about SHM at GRASSL can be found here.

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