Gottleuba Bridge on the new Pirna bypass

Successful start of the incremental launching process

After the completion of the substructure with its piers of up to 70 m, the construction of the approximately 900 m long steel–concrete composite superstructure has now begun. The steel box girder will be put in position with a downhill incremental launching process. The maximum span of over 126 m needs to be bridged. Before being placed on the pier, the girder experiences deformations of up to 5.0 m, which are compensated by the shape of the 50 m long launching nose. After termination of the launching, the superstructure is released and positioned on the supports of the exterior piers. The superstructure is fixed on the five intermediate piers by way of a haunch connection, which results in a semi-integral concrete–steel composite bridge.

The Gottleuba Bridge in Pirna will be part of the new Pirna bypass, which is expected to reduce transiting traffic in the inner city. The client is DEGES GmbH.

The checking engineer association Weischedel–Seiler is in charge of the structural checking of the project including any auxiliary structures, as well as the acceptance of the scaffolding.



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