Stralsunder Brückenbautag

Lecture by Jacqueline Donner

Teamwork and impressive infrastructure projects – in late October we attended the Stralsunder Brückenbautag, a forum for bridge construction showcasing exemplary, innovative and ground-breaking bridge structures, which places both aspects in centre position. The event organiser is particularly eager to illustrate the importance of good working relationships between the parties involved in major infrastructure projects.

Spurred on by the construction of the Rügen Bridge, which links historic world heritage and modern bridge construction, clients, designers and construction firms presented selected bridge structures. We are delighted to have contributed a lecture on the truss arch bridges at the Fürth/Erlangen motorway intersection and to have been allowed to present this outstanding project.

A huge “thank you” to the organisers, who have made it possible to exchange news and views in person and many thanks to René Legrand for the wonderful photos of the structure and the event.

Foto © Legrand

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