U6 extension to Martinsried

Planning for the new metro section

U6-West is one of the four outer axes of metro lines U3 and U6, which cross Munich’s inner city from south to north between lmplerstraße station and Münchner Freiheit station. At the Implerstraße station, the line branches into the U6-West line to Großhadern Clinic and the U3-South line to Fürstenried-West. At the Münchner Freiheit station, it branches into the U6-North line to Garching and the U3-North line to the Moosach S-Bahn (suburban rail) station. The U6-West line extension to Martinsried links the Martinsried urban district and the municipality of Planegg with the inner city. In addition, it links the teaching and research facilities of the Ludwig Maximilian University, the Max Planck Institute and the Innovation and Start-Up Center Biotechnology (IZB) with Großhadern Clinic, the inner city, the inner-city hospitals, the central office of the Ludwig Maximilian University and the research facilities of the Technical University in Garching.

The construction phase between the existing Großhadern Clinic station and the new Martinsried station comprises two siding sections for the storage siding to be renovated, the track between the storage siding and the new Martinsried station and the station itself with the platform facilities and operating rooms.

The modified application for planning permission was submitted to the District Government of Upper Bavaria at the beginning of the year, and now the winning design for the extension has been confirmed. The Berlin office of Gruber+Popp in collaboration with the lighting designer Arup Deutschland GmbH has prevailed over the competition with an attractive design which makes a feature of the structural work and brings daylight underground without the use of cladding.

The verdict of the judges was:

"The overall concept is harmonious and blends well into the park of the new university complex. The association to cellular structures under the microscope has a coherent effect and makes a comprehensible reference to the location.

Organic recesses and openings in the ceiling define the interior of the new station. They clearly include all the functional elements, such as smoke extraction, acoustics and lighting. Skylights make reference to the outside world; recesses for artificial lighting and luminaires in the ventilation shafts amplify the lighting concept and ensure consistent illumination. The design dispenses with further design elements and thus simply creates a restrained yet atmospheric interior character.

The cellular-structure concept is continued above ground. Here, the smoke extraction cupola and skylights blend organically into the landscape and we can anticipate a clear and sophisticated usage of the outdoor areas.

In this project, GRASSL engineers are providing the design of the traffic systems above and below ground, together with the general and structural design for all the engineering constructions for the new metro section towards Martinsried.

Draft design and interior design: Gruber + Popp Architekt:innen BDA; 1st prize in the competition

Renderings: Stefan Amann/architecture2brain

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