Year of completion


Type of intervention

New construction

Contracting authority

Hamburg Port Authority


The existing Ernst-August-Schleuse from 1939 is replaced by a new construction in 100 m distance to the existing sluice. The dimensions of the new Ernst-August-Schleuse are adopted to the current requirements and usage. The water chamber will have a length of approximately 48 m between the gates and a width of 10 m. Liftable gates will close the chambers which are driven by a cylinder. A steel composite bridge allow the user of the sluice the crossing to the operational building and connects the residents of the Spreehafen. All parts of sluice including chamber walls, building pits, flood protection walls as well as bank walls in the Spreehafen and Ernst- August- Kanal are build as sheet piles with partial anchorage. All steel parts of the sluice such as sheet pile walls, liftable gates and other parts without the chamber and bank walls in the harbour will be coated with corrosion protection. Additional clogging will seal the flood protection walls.



Construction material

Reinforced concrete, steel

Type of structure

Hydraulic structure

Services Grassl

, construction supervision, technical examination, consultant services for the client