Flood protection Kornhausbrücke

Year of completion


Type of intervention

New construction

Contracting authority

Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg


The flood protection gate Kornhausbrücke closes the northern opening of the flood protection line at the Kornhausbrücke. The gate includes an engine powered gate for the eastern pedestrian walk and carriageway as well as one manual gate (width 14.05 m, height 1.10 m) for the western pedestrian walk. The bridge abutment had to be adjusted for the installation of the gate. A gate chamber with a length of 18 m and a bearing with integrated viewpoint was installed into the protection facility. The chamber walls are partially concrete with a masonry cladding and partially steel walls. The engine is covered by security glass. A operational building was erected for the engine technique.



Type of structure

Hydraulic structure


Claus Cajus Pruin generalPLAN GmbH

Services Grassl

Basic assessment, detailed design, preparation of tendering, visualisation