As usual, a lot and everything at the same time. With roughly 700 projects per year things never get boring: Structures are put into operation, construction projects introduced or design competition entries presented. Take a look behind the scenes.

Dual study programme

Welcome to the GRASSL team

We would like to introduce our 2023 dual students of the Hamburg office. Finn will be close to the action from his first day: he will...

B15 bypass in Rosenheim opened to traffic

Mangfall Bridge was blessed in lovely weather

Traffic can finally flow on the B15n Rosenheim bypass. Segments 2 and 3.1 were ceremoniously opened to traffic today. Two complex engineering structures...

Photo © Ruediger Fessel / Alamy Stock Foto

Auerbach bypass: Cutting of the first sod

Construction starts for the last construction phase of the B533

On 11 September 2023, in lovely weather, the first sod for the Auerbach bypass on the B533 was cut at the location of the construction site facilities. In their speeches, Stefanie Schäfer, head of division at the BMDV...

Replacement of the Tegel Bridge

Bridge opened to traffic

On 31 August 2023, the new Tegel Bridge in Berlin was opened to traffic on time and within budget. The Tegel Bridge crosses the Berlin–Spandau shipping canal and is used by approximately 20,000 vehicles daily...

Photo © Ruediger Fessel / Alamy Stock Foto

A45 Rahmede Viaduct

Contract for bridge replacement awarded

After the successful demolition of the existing structure in May, the contract for the replacement of the Rahmede Viaduct has been awarded. Due to its urgent nature, a functional tender was undertaken...


Another reason to celebrate!

Our colleagues Arne Derk Räthke and Vanessa Gernhuber have successfully graduated as structural drafters. It has been an exciting and instructive time and we are very happy that they will stay on at the Hamburg GRASSL office...

45 years at GRASSL

Anniversary of Rainer Lange

Happy 45th work anniversary! In his role as structural drafter, Rainer Lange has been supporting the Hamburg team since 1978.  We are impressed, dear Rainer! We would like to express our sincerest thanks to Rainer for his commitment!...

Construction in practice

Presentation in the VHK lecture series

On 25 July at 18:15h, Jens Strohbusch and Thomas Poolman will hold a virtual presentation on the topic of structural testing and monitoring as building blocks of modern and sustainable structure management...

Sport, fun, spirit

16th AOK Firmenlauf in Stuttgart

Yesterday, the GRASSL team participated in the AOK Firmenlauf in Waldau for the first time. Over 6,000 participants ran the 6 km course around the TV tower and the GAZI stadium...

BIM coordination


We would like to congratulate our colleagues Berta Lema Rivera and Alexander Wellenhofer: last Friday, they received their certificate as BIM coordinators from buildingSMART Germany!...

Summer celebration in Munich

Summer, sun and fun

Last Friday, we celebrated in the garden of our Munich office – all employees with their partners and children were invited and enjoyed the perfect weather with steaks, vegetables and a barrel or two of beer!...


32nd Dresden Bridge Building Symposium

Jacqueline Donner and Hans Grassl held the closing lecture at this year’s Dresden Bridge Building Symposium. This final lecture concluded the symposium with insights into the construction of the Mangfall Bridge in Rosenheim...